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Dear Reader,

Mega Robot Bober has come back more powerful and accurate than ever before.

Mega Robot Bomber (MRB) now includes tools that will make you earn money without wasting time. Tools that help you to not depend on Google because they generate traffic and sales without depending on a SEO.

We all know that for a guaranteed success you can’t depend on others, much less on enemies. Google isn’t a friend of the Internet merchants. Google isn’t a friend of the SEO. Google wants to force us to buy advertisement, so the Google’s team will do everything possible to make your efforts useless, and if they work, they just do it for a limited time.

I’ve studied Google for years and I’m sure that Google makes changes on its algorithm without anyone knowing. Small changes that make sites go up and down arbitrarily. You attribute it to the competition’s good work but the real reason for losing your position in Google is Google’s ranking system with its small but secret changes.

This new Mega Robot Bomber version it’s thought to guide you to a shorter way to find success without depending on any search engine. Mega Robot Bomber is guided to search, find and contact prospects related to your niche market. Thousands and millions of leads are created by MRB on autopilot. MRB will tell you where your future subscribers and buyers are without paying one cent for advertisement or to SEO companies that don’t achieve anything. Mega Robot Bomber is compatible and useful to online or offline businesses; to beginner or advanced users; to individual clients, groups or companies; to personal consumption or to offer services to unlimited clients.

Now, Mega Robot Bomber includes tools to dominate the best sources of visitors and sells, such as:

YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Craigslist, OLX, Freelancer, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Answer, Wiki Answer, AnswerBag,, Skype, Rss directories, Who is domains, Articles directories,, File Sharing Websites

and More



Introducing: Mega Robot Bomber Advanced Package

Module #1: Youtube Snitch

Youtube Snitch is a sophisticated tool that exposes every secret of Youtube’s algorithm. Even if Youtube makes changes, you will know. YS reveals the stats of each video on Youtube.

With this information you can clearly see the reason why a video it’s positioned better than other, so you can improve the ranking of your videos by dominating in just a few days the biggest searching engine that exists in terms of content searching and the first one in videos searching.

It’s fascinating that with only introducing a keyword and push a button you have in your hands all the information required to declassify the system that Youtube uses to position the videos.

Improving the ranking of your videos is as easy as copy-pasting titles and descriptions on your videos and channels that will immediately shoot up your ranking.


  • Analyze videos and channels and collecting: Id, date published, title, description, Urls in the description, category, Live broadcasting, Duration, Definition. Privacy status, license, views, likes, dislikes, favorites, comments, time watched, subscription driven, shares, average view time, external backlinks, Id of channel, channel title, channel description, channel published date, channel views, channel comments, channel subscribers, channel videos.
  • Analyze and retrieve all the external backlinks of the videos and channels even if the backlinks are not viewable in google.
  • Exports all the data.

Don’t waste more time trying to position videos on Youtube because that’s something almost impossible if you don’t know the algorithm of Youtube. For this reason, I’m glad to present you the unique program that exposes the algorithm of Youtube.

An algorithm is a codes system that search and compare parameters. An algorithm is like a pregnant woman that is craving for something specific like chocolate ice cream with coconut cookies. If you give her something else, the craving won’t stop and she will be unsatisfied. Youtube has cravings for videos with specific characteristics on their title, description, duration, content of the channel where the video belongs and much more data. What would happen if Youtube finds everything it wants in your videos and channels? What would happen if your videos and channels satisfy its craving?

1-The algorithm would visit your videos and channels much more frequently than the videos and channels of the competitor.

2. The algorithm would place your videos and channels at the top of the Youtube’s ranking.

3. The algorithm would show better advertisement on your videos multiplying the conversion and the profits.

4. The algorithm would recommend your videos as featured videos on each one of your keywords.

In conclusion, the algorithm would marry your videos and channels.


Module #2: Facebook Snitch

Why make things difficult or complicated?

All you want is a direct method to make money on Facebook--without delay or long tutorial videos.

Besides, you want a tool to help you promote your products and brands on Facebook without spending time or money. You also want to understand the algorithm of Facebook to understand how Facebook gives more ranking to one fan page over others. Because you not only want to make money on Facebook, you also want to be a guru on Facebook.

I’m sure you know you want something valuable, and something so valuable like being able to dominate EdgeRank 2014 of Facebook only exists in the following ways:

1. Pay a fortune to a guru to be your coach and teach you.

2. Have a super-sophisticated tool to analyze Facebook’s algorithm and to give you the specific information that accurately shows you how EdgeRank of Facebook is currently working and also every change to Facebook’s algorithm.

*I do not recommend the first one to you because it could be hard to recover the investment.

I’m offering you complete access to the tool that will help you make your dreams come true.

All you need in One Software. 100% accurate! Guaranteed.


  • Analyze your own pages and groups, detect errors and optimize.
  • Analyze the groups you’re a member of or the pages you like.
  • Analyze comments, images, shares, emoticons, likes etc.
  • Analyze the pages and groups by keywords.
  • Analyze the conversations between users on pages and groups.
  • It gives you easy access to images, URL’s, posts, profiles, etc.
  • Analyze posts on your profile’s wall.
  • Compile the most popular and active users on pages and groups.
  • Analyze their activity (posts, comments, shares,promoted links by the user).
  • Analyze their popularity on those groups or pages.
  • Analyze their posts.
  • Collect ID’s of members of targeted groups by keywords.
  • Exports the reports for you or your clients.
  • looks for groups by keyword and applies for you to be a member of those groups automatically.
  • Shares fresh content in unlimited groups and pages.
  • Support text and Image content.
  • Support Spintax.
  • Support Schedule.
Module #3: Facebook Matic

Check out these amazing features:

“Totally automate your facebook work 24/7... Works like magic whether you're a hardened IM veteran - or a total Noob!”

“On a day-to-day basis you can provide fresh and engaging content your fans will love!”

“Just write any keyword you want and let this software scour the different pages for images and extremely targeted content your fans will enjoy!”

Think about it. You can really add automation to your facebook tasks, increase your fan base, and give yourself more free time... all for less than what you might spend for a night on the town.



  • Populate unlimited profiles, fan pages and groups targeted by keywords with high quality content image/text/video urls.
  • Auto likes targeted content automatically.
  • Reply automatically to comments and message.
  • Join targeted groups by keywords automatically.
  • Creating custom audience automatically was never easy before!.
  • Embed your pages with amazing images from different pages with a single click that practically hypnotizes everyone!
  • Promote products reaches millions of Potential buyers Guaranteed.
Module #4: Lead Hawker

Plus you'll get a lot of suggestion keywords from the software to reach more and more clients. You'll get a working list of leads within no time. Not only this, you can save the list in many formats: with email, telephone number, email address and many other options. You can also change the colors of the leads generated. Suppose you have called the list and 2 leads responded they'll use your service. Change the color of those leads to GREEN. Similarly if someone showed no interest in your offer, change the color to RED. And so on...

• No need to blow cash on advertising
• No need to waste weeks searching

Just use this tool and get leads delivered straight to your desktop, at the push of a button.

- Get started the quick & easy way
- Pick a keyword and location
- Click on Start and get massive leads
- Find your way past the gatekeeper
- Offer those leads your services and make MONEY



  • Businesses: Yellow pages.
  • Social Networks: Google+, Facebook
  • Classifieds: email scraper, mobile numbers, validate emails, list cleaner!.
  • Craigslist: Yes! Almost all of us has heard of before. If one wishes to purchase two last minute tickets to the sold out Jennifer Hudson concert, one will go on Craigslist, search the several services and sections and is nearly guaranteed to find multiple ads about cheap tickets of Jennifer Hudson show for sale. Craigslist is a simple to use site that is accessible to everyone who has a computer (or mobile phone) and internet access. Craigslist has over 70 million visitors in the U.S. alone and billons of views each and every month. Think about your search terms and use only the most important ones. Having these in mind, you will be able to get the relevant information within a short period of time.
    With this software, you can easily find thousands of leads from craigslist.
  • Discover more leads than you ever could on your own. How many jobs can you sift through in one sitting before you want to stab your eyes out? 5? 10? Lead Hawker searches over countless projects by keywords and generate several leads for you. Finding new work can be frustrating. My old routine used to take 30-60 minutes a day, and it was only that short because I'd eventually get annoyed and give up. It doesn't have to be that way! Lead Hawker makes it easy for you and takes care of all the mind-numbing work.
  • Get millions of Potential buyers Guaranteed.
Module #5: Craigslist Empire Poster

Now, What if I gave you our Craigslist Empire Poster that will help you automate your Craiglist ad posting and take your Craiglist marketing to the next level so you can dominate all niches in, get more traffic, dominate your competitors, increase your customers and sales and skyrocket your profit? Would you be willing to take advantage of this kind of powerful tool?

If your answer is yes, then congrats! You have come to the end of your journey. This is because I am going to give you a tool that will help you do all these things.

Thousands of marketers and business owners like you are spending huge money trying to get this kind of software when actually; it is staring right at YOU!!!

  • Submit your ads to Multiple cities.
  • Repost automatically any expired Ads.
  • Supports Unlimited Projects.
  • Supports Unlimited Accounts.
  • Support Images.
  • Delay Timer.
  • Add,view,edit and delete projects.
  • Retrieve States,cities,categories and sub-categories automatically.
  • Supports Spinned Title and ads.
  • Collect the urls of ads posted.
  • Supports Proxies.
  • HideMyAss VPN integrated.
  • Craigslist Account Maker
Module #6: File Finder Tsunami

File Finder Tsunami PRO, is a software to search any kind of file hosted in the most famous sharing file websites. You can search for PDFs, software, graphic packages, videos, courses, tutorials, footprints, .edu lists, .gov lists, forum lists, blog lists, music, movies, series and any other kind of files.

Would you like to enjoy all of this files FOR FREE? If your answer is YES, then you're in the right place.
File Finder Tsunami PRO puts in your hands each and everyone of the millions of files hosted in the most famous file sharing sites, such as: MediaFire,,4shared ,zippyshare, uploaded, depositfiles, rapidshare, mega, turbobit, etc, etc, etc.

File Finder Tsunami PRO includes a powerful spider that collects the link from youtube, forums, social networks and straight from the file sharing sites. File Finder has the best technology of search and classification of files filtered by filetype. For example, if you wish to search for PDF files, the software will only search for PDF files. You can add unlimited filetypes in the software.

But what makes File Finder Tsunami PRO really unique and useful, is that FFT Pro scans every file you access trough You have the choice to remove the files that you don't like or to remove all the files that contain some kind of virus or malware. For example, the software collected 1000 PDF about how to make money online, but from those 1000, 450 have some kind of virus, in this case, you only have to press a button and the software will remove those 450 infected files and will only leave the 550 safe files. File Finder Tsunami PRO shows in a table the Detection Ratio of every File.


  • Search any kind of file hosted in the most famous sharing file websites.
  • Scans every file you access trough
Module #7: Answerer Pro

Answerer Pro is a powerful software to easily master the three major sites Q & A

Yahoo answer , Wiki answer and answerbag .

This program seeks to open questions for keywords and automatically answers the questions .

The difference between Answerer Pro and other programs is that Answerer Pro compares the open questions with a long keyword . You can choose how many words have to match to responds to a question, the software will compare your keyword with the title of the questions . For example :

You enter this keyword

" how to cure dog vomiting? "

If you define in the software to match 4 words, Answerer Pro will respond to this question

"hi friends my dog is vomiting, how can I cure my pet? " .

Matched words: How, cure, dog vomiting.

But not to this other

"How can I buy a dog ?

Matched words. Dog, how.

This eliminates the possibility of answering the wrong questions . Other programs that use a sigle keyword publish answer in questions outside the desired topic . There is no other program on the market that compares to Pro Answerer

  • Supports 3 biggest sites Yahoo answer , Wikianswer and Answerbag .
  • Supports unlimited accounts.
  • Supports proxies.
  • Rotates accounts to respond with different accounts.
  • Supports Spintax for each answer is of unique content.
  • Promote your URLs at the Top or Boton of the answer.
Mega Robot Bomber Include Other Modules

Mega Robot Bomber include also:

  • Fiverr Automatic Seller
  • Keywords Scraper.
  • Twitter Account Creator
  • Articles Submitter.
  • Skype Contacts Adder and Message Sender.
  • Domain Data Scraper.
  • RSS Submitter.
  • Amazon Leads Finder.
  • Every Month I will Add New Modules!!!!!!!!
Mega Robot Bomber Include

Mega Robot Bomber include also:

  • Free Support in our Support Desk.
  • Free Updates.
  • Free Addons.
  • Future Modules Free.
  • Private Community In Facebook.

Without a doubt, Mega Robot Bomber is the best program available on the Internet to help you generate traffic and sales no matter your niche market. There are other available programs on the market but most of them are based on posting backlinks that no one will see and that will never produce traffic. Think about this:

Question: Do you use Senuke, Magic Submitter or Xrumer to generate thousands of backlinks?

Answer: Your competitors use them too.

If you do the same as them, then what’s the difference?


The backlinks only work if they are high quality and authority links. That’s why I think it’s useless to post thousands of links that don’t have any value. Not because it’s wrong to build backlinks but because all these backlink users build backlinks on the same sites so that your work isn’t different or interesting to Google. It’s just more of the same that others do.

On the contrary, the social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo Answer, Wiki Answer, Answerbag, Twitter or the online markets such as Craigslist, Freelancer, etc. generate traffic no matter what the competition does. If your content has quality, then you will receive traffic and sales.

For sure you have realized that the best merchants on Internet invest more in advertisement on Facebook than in advertisement on Google. This tells you that the social media is the more direct and less expensive way to generate traffic and sales.

An average merchant buys 100 domains and stops paying them two years later. This comes from the constant changes on the Google’s algorithm, which makes it almost impossible to maintain good positions. The easiest and more direct way to be on the first page of Google is positioning videos on Youtube.

Youtube has reserved 1,2 and up to 3 places on the first page of Google. So positioning videos on Youtube would be winning the first page of Google. Besides, Youtube is the second biggest content search engine and the first one in videos searching.

There are many programs to help you improve a video rank but only Mega Robot reveals the algorithm of Youtube.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting Today!!!!!!!!...

Mega Robot Bomber Advanced includes 17 + Modules!


Free access to Support Desk, and Facebook Group!!!!!

$350 Value



$49/Monthly Value but free for you.

A Total of $400 in Real World Value!

Mega Robot is a suite that brings together numerous units developed with the best current technology. These units don’t consume resources of your computer and are easy to use.
We offer a monthly webinar to our clients to show them how to get better results on the different marketing areas by working with this wonderful suite.
I will continue including every month all the new units and I will also keep working each one of the units of this suite to the 100%.


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As I’m sure that you will like this program, I guarantee it doubly. In both packages you have a 30 day money back guarantee. In the advanced package you have a guarantee of repayment of the last month you used the membership in case you don’t want to keep using the program after paying the membership for 3 months. In other words, if after 3 months paying your advanced package you want to leave the marketing on Internet, you can claim your money back of the last month paid.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Free Support.
  • Free updates lifetime.

Choose your package.

60 Days Trial Companies (10 computers)

Lifetime for Companies (10 computers)

Lifetime Single License (1 computer)

Don't Forget, You're Covered By...

"Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee..."

As I’m sure that you will like this program, I guarantee it doubly. In both packages you have a 30 day money back guarantee. In the advanced package you have a guarantee of repayment of the last month you used the membership in case you don’t want to keep using the program after paying the membership for 3 months. In other words, if after 3 months paying your advanced package you want to leave the marketing on Internet, you can claim your money back of the last month paid.

There are things that are given once-in-a-lifetime and I think this is your opportunity to leave the place where you are right now and go up to a better place. I can’t convince you to see the utility of this product, because that depends on you.

It’s time to take action. Follow the link below and assure a stable future on your online or offline businesses.




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